Altay and Sayans

Карта мира

Tours to Altai and Sayans

Altai and Sayans

Sayany is a large mountainous country situated in Eastern Siberia. Virgin Southern taiga with lush vegetation, wonderful scenery with mountain rivers, waterfalls and lakes attract and stagger tourists.

Republic of Tuva is situated in the center of Asia. It mostly presents an endless steppe almost without footprints of modern civilization, which grants space scenery with sharp crests of remote mountains. Tuva is full of archeological memorials of different centuries. Tourists can also deep into local ethnography: lifestyle of Russian old-believers, shaman ceremonies, throat singing, opportunity to live in a real Tuvan yurt and to imagine yourself an ancient nomad.

Altai is a vast mountainous area, located in the center of Eurasia at the juncture of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  The most attractive sites for ecotourism are concentrated in the Republic of Altai which is also called Gorny Altai. Unique natural and cultural features of Gorny Altai grant wonderful opportunities for all kinds of ecotourism activities. Gorny Altai is the highest mountainous province of Siberia. The highest point of Siberia – Belukha Mt (4506 m) is situated there.

Tours to Altai and Sayans

13, 27 of June, 18 of July, 1, 15 of August, 5 of September 2018:

The Great Sayan Ring, 10 days

The Great Sayan Ring is a unique opportunity to touch the nature and culture of three very different regions: the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tuva and Khakassia Republics. You will learn how Siberians lived in past centuries as well as present day. You will feel the hospitality of local people and realize the richness of this nation's cultural traditions. Moreover you will touch the origins of religions - from the Orthodox Church to Shamanism.

18 June, 2, 16, 30 July, 13 August, 03 September 2017:

The Altai cirlce: wild nature and ethnography, 12 days

Our circled tour represents the majority of important historical places and natural diversity of Altai. A great opportunity to cross Teletskoe lake – the Pearl of Altai mountains, to visit Karakol Valley, the bunch of numerous archeological monuments, to enjoy a beautiful view of mountains from the 2000m height; to see one of the most wonderful rivers of the world – Katun River, Pazyrykskie burial mounds (6 th century BC) and a famouse Chuiskiy tract.