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Tours to Kamchatka

Great outdoors at Kamchatka

Magnificent nature, current volcanic activity, the famous Valley of Geysers, acid lakes and hot fumaroles on active volcanoes, wild bears and rivers rich in fish — this is all Kamchatka, the farthest corner of the world. Here, the civilization has not yet encroached upon the natural beauty of the area, here you can still drink the water from the mountain springs, and here you still have a chance to become the pioneer of a lava cave of a remote volcano.

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Winter Kamchatka. Adventure tour to winter Kamchatka: wild nature, snow and volcanoes

Travel to Kamchatka. 
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Tours to Kamchatka

4, 13, 22, 31 of July, 9, 18 of August 2018:

All the colors of Kamchatka, 11 days

Our tour to Kamchatka includes a visit such unique places of Kamchatka as active volcanoes Mutnovsky & Avachinsky, which are considered to be the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka; the unique and wonderful Valley of Geysers – the World miracle. Boat trip along Avacha Bay and the Pacific Ocean; you’ll see the biggest sea bird’s nests of Kamchatka. Rafting at the Bystraya river, which flows through stately mountain range. Watch the wild nature of Kamchatka: salmon motion at rivers, birds, and, if you're lucky - wild brown bear.

12, 26 of July, 08, 23 of August 2018:

Kamchatka Discovery, 13 days

Tour highlights: Tolbachik Volcano area – grand consequences of the recent Huge Tolbachik Eruption. Esso – national settlement of the Evens (indigenous people of Kamchatka) with wonderful Ethnography Museum. Bystraya River – good possibility of rafting through wild nature. Mutnovsky Volcano – impressive active volcano with powerful gas and steam spurts and boiling mood cauldrons.Valley of Geysers – world famous sight with more than 29 geysers. Watch the wild nature of Kamchatka!

Salmon fishing at Opala river, Kamchatka, 10 days

The Opala river flows in a mountainous part of the south-west of Kamchatka and runs into the Okhotsk sea. The river is far from settlements and roads. Fishing is organized from the bank of the river and from inflatable rafts during rafting. The section of the fishing place is 80 km. On this river it is impossible to have no catch, as it is rich in various kinds of salmon and trout. Your fishing trofey silver salmon!