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Salmon fishing at Opala river, Kamchatka

10 days /9 nights

Magnificent nature, wild bears and rivers rich in fish — this is all Kamchatka, the farthest corner of the world. Here, the civilization has not yet encroached upon the natural beauty of the area, here you can still drink the water from the mountain springs, and here you still have a chance to become the pioneer of a lava cave of a remote volcano.
Fishing salmon at Kamchatka — is a great experience you never forget.

Your fishing trofey silver salmon. Early September is the best season for it.


Tour programme:

  Departure to Kamchatka (any available flight).
Day 1 Meeting at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy airport. Visit local store. Breakfast in the cafe. Transfer by "Ural" cross-coutry truсk through the plateau of Gorely volcano to the River Opala, the place near Verhneopalinskie Hot Springs (8-9 hours). Overnight in tents.
Day 2 Start fishing. Bathing in the Verhneopalinskie hot springs. Preparing rafts, by staff. After lunch, rafting to its confluence with River Right Opala (1.5 hours). On the way fishing. Overnight in tents.
Day 3 Rest and fishing.
Day 4-7 Rafting and fishing. Observing wildlife, including brown bear, and superb scenery. Rafting takes place in the area of majestic mountains and volcanoes in virgin countryside. There are many good places for fishing. The river abounds with salmon of various kinds, char and trout. Camping for the nights.
Day 8

Ending of rafting and fishing. Departure from the mouth of the river by car, with the ferry ride across the river Bolshaya (7-8 hours on the road, 270 km). driving to Paratunka resort area (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy). Accommodation at hotel, rest, swimming in thermal water pools.

Day 9

Day free. Activity (on extra charge):

1. Sea-trip along Avacha Bay. Seeing the sea birds nests on the islands “Babushkin Kamen (Granny’s Stone)” and “Tree Brata (Three Brothers)”. Short trip in the Pacific Ocean to the island “Starichkov”. Sea fishing, seeing the seal rookery. Opportunity to meet whales, dolphins

2. Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, flight around Karymsky (1486m) and Maly Semyachik (1560m) volcanoes, walk excursion at the Valley. This valley cannot be compared with any other unique objects in the world. There are more than 20 big geysers in the valley. There are geysers that gush forth every 10-12 minutes, while others may erupt once in 4-5 hours. The wreathes of steam, fountains of boiling water, incredible colours of slopes, hot water streaming along them and profuse greenery of grasses and trees create an enchanting spectacle.

Day 10 Visiting the fish market. Shopping. Souvenirs. Departure to the airport.

Tour cost, per person: 138'000 roubles (minimal group size = 2 person)
Tour cost includes: three meals a day (except of Petropavlovsk). Guide service for the whole tour. Cook service. Base-camp equipment (tents for 1-2 people, rafts (one for 2-3 fisherman), motoraft, mobile sauna, power, etc.). Transportation. Accommodation (DBL) in a hotel in Paratunka, with breakfast. Charge for fishing licenses. Pay for the ferry ride. Visa support and registration.
Cost does not include: alcoholic drinks, cigarettes. Flights. Souvenirs. Sea fishing or other excursion to 9th day.

Every participant of the tour should have:
  1. Tackle for fishing.
  2. A bag or backpack for personal items.
  3. Sleeping bag.
  4. Waders (pants brodnya) or waders.
  5. Removable shoes for camp (sneakers or boots).
  6. Personal care items, hair accessories.
  7. Waterproof jacket with hood.
  8. Sweater.
  9. Sunglasses, preferably polarized.
  10. Cap.
  11. Flashlight.

Change of sequence of passage of round is possible..