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Kolyma Golden Ring

Kolyma Golden ring

Tour length: ~1300 km
Route: Magadan - Dneprovskiy mine - Orotukan village - Sinegorye village - Debin village - Yagodnoye village - Susuman - visit gold mine - Ust-Omchug village - Magadan.

"MAGADAN", "KOLYMA" - in people' s minds these words are associated first of all with GULAG building in Soviet Union, with terrible concentration camps system, with repressions, with thousands innocent victims and broken lifes.

Time of tour organisation: all year round.
The tour gives a clear idea of the history of region discovery, Kolyma gold mining districts. You will have a chance to see the passes up to 1200 m height, steep slopes, large inhabited territories and remarkable northern nature that is beautiful all year round, no matter when you choose the time for your travel. Extreme and adventure to Eastern Russia.

Min. group size: 2 person, tour is available in other dates on individual basis.