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Otkrytie Travels is an established Russian tour operator specializing on FIT trips to varied destinations around Asia, East Africa and Latin America. The list of our standard offers includes more than 250 detailed itineraries covering over 65 countries. Whether they are cultural tours or expeditions, treks or safaris, all of them have a consistent theme: they are about discovering a country or an area, about interest, adventure and exploration. The company started in 2002 with people who have seen many amazing things in this world: from the summit of peak Aconcagua (6795 m) to the Turfan depression in Xinjiang (154 m below sea level); from the opulently lavish Ritz Carlton’s and The Oberoi’s to the yurts of nomad Mongols and Pygmies shacks in western Uganda; from Mt. Kailas, the holiest sanctuary for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bon-pos to Sun temples of Aymara Indians on lake Titicaca.

Over 10 years of joint fruitful experience in travel trade and doctoral degrees from Russian Academy of Sciences have transformed a mixture of idealism, practicality, skills and culture into simple and successful formula of professional business. Every our itinerary is designed for a family or small group of friends: prices are calculated on the basis of at least 2 participants, unless otherwise specified. Otkrytie travels is fully licensed and bonded by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. We were proud to welcome among our valued clients the directorate of Moscow Interbank Currency Stock Exchange, directorate of Vympelcom communication, directorate of Bank of Russia, acting members of Russian Parliament (State Duma) and Moscow City Parliament, as well as many others prominent and nice people.

We think of travel as a serious and rewarding business, one of life’s great experiences. Whichever holiday you choose from our website, we promise you a memorable experience.

"Otkrytie Travels": celebrate life. Join in for quality impressions.

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