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Moscow to Vladivostok by scheduled trains

A lifetime journey. On a budget!

* Cross the entire space of Russia from bustling capital of Moscow to mystical Vladivostok, relaxingly shining onto Pacific Ocean.

* Amaze yourself with endless plains of steppe and taiga, giant Siberian rivers, pristine Amur mountings and crystal clear waters of Baikal lake   

Our meticulously researched itinerary includes all major sites you ever dreamed to visit.
* Ekaterinburg or Kazan - jewels of ancient Ural mountains or mighty Volga river,
* Novosibirsk – the very heartland of Siberia,
* Krasnoyarsk – ultra famous for its natural beauty of "Stolby" National Park,
* Irkutsk and heavenly impressive Baikal Lake, well know for its savoury smoked omul,
* Magic Ulan-Ude, the capital of Russian Buddhism,
* Soft adventure fishing at no-one-known land of Chita,   
* Majestic home of Amur Tiger in Blagoveshchensk
Ending with unpredictab

ly soft ocean breeze at Vladivostok.

All that could be accomplished on very reasonable budget – starting from 132'000 roubles (roughly 1950 Euro) per person only, based on private guides and chauffeured vehicles at disposal for your couple or company.

We spend 8 nights in trains and 9 nights in the best available hotels by the route.

The services can be arranged on order for any date, taking just 02 of you traveling together.